Reviews of TimeWarp, Inc.

A 5-Star Review by The To Be Read Pile!

Rating: 5 Stars - A Must Read!
Mike Garvin is a centurion fighting in Gaul alongside Caesar and his mighty legions in 51 B.C. But Mike is also a time traveler from the Twenty-First Century who has spent the last nine years sending back secret footage of his exploits to the future. He thought he was there for the duration and was destined to live out his days as a Roman Soldier. He was wrong.....

"Entering the TimeWarp" - A review by Sunday Smith of A Book A Day Reviews

There are so many things to love about this book. Davis does a fine job of creating a cast of characters, each distinctive from the others; each with some pretty clear motivations. The main setting for each of the three major parts of the story are clearly described without weighing down the story. In fact, Davis knows how to give enough detail about persons and places for us to feel a part of the story without slowing the reader down - something that takes real talent.

Review by Will Knight of Bibliophilia, Please

A time traveling soldier warps to first-century Galilee to prevent Christ from being assassinated.