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The author first conceived of the idea of a modern-day agnostic traveling back into time and meeting Jesus two decades ago while working in the Washington D.C./Maryland area. Little is known of Jeshua bar Yosef (Jesus) during his early years, and Davis, a former newspaper reporter and freelance magazine writer, found the story worthy of telling.
The plot twist of having the agnostic become Jesus' best friend was suggested by a friend in New York City some months later.
The idea of a green-beret weapons' sergeant being embedded inside Julius Caesar's Tenth Legion in Gaul (nearly half-a-century before Jesus was born) stems from the old You Are There TV series, which Davis watched as a child in his hometown of Washington, Missouri, where he was born in 1946.
The setting of Sepphoris, the capital of Galilee in Jesus' youth, came to the author while working for the city of Spokane, Washington just before he retired in 2003. Four miles north of Nazareth, the limestone-and-marble city, second only to Jerusalem in importance, was a Greco-Roman contrast to backwater Nazareth. Most scholars, says Davis, agree a teenage Jesus and his father Joseph must have traveled to Sepphoris to seek work, Nazareth's meager population being too small to support a carpenter and his family.
"Take things a step further," Davis told Champagne Books recently, "and you have a young Galilean male who undoubtedly spoke Hebrew and Aramaic plus Latin and perhaps Greek, as well. This was no country bumpkin we're talking about. Remember, the existence of Jesus is a historical fact. Only his divinity has been called into question."
Today Davis is retired and living in mid-Missouri.
An Excerpt from the Second TimeWarp novel, "Out of the Cave"

"How is it you speak such good American?" asked Jerry, the class clown.
"English," corrected their teacher.
The class laughed. Kelly smiled.
The Neanderthal boy seemed to relax a little. "I was raised by American scientists and adopted by an American family. I can't remember my own language, except for a few words."
Another question. The class was warming up. "How did you get the name Adam?"
Adam smiled. "That was someone's idea of a joke."
"I don't get it," said a boy with severe acne.
"Adam and Eve, stupid!" laughed someone behind him.
The boy reddened.
"Lot's of people don't get it, at first," Adam said.
Adam's letting him save face, Kelly though, impressed.